Amazon Herbs Products Are Back! (Some with new names.)

Amazon Herb Products Trivita Products

Two great companies. One worthy mission. In August 2012, Amazon Herb and TriVita joined together to promote the message of wellness and sustainability of the rainforest to a global audience of wellness seekers and environmentalists.

Now all of your favorite Amazon Herb products (some with new names) are available thru TriVita.

Just like Amazon Herb, Trivita also has a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Products listed on this page are vegan.

Aquazon now Aqua Algae*
Unique synergy of wild fresh and sea algae nourishes and energizes the entire body.Amazon Herb Aquazon Trivita Aqua Algae

Arcozon now Fortify*
A broad-spectrum formula boosts the body's immune functions to promote overall health.Amazon Herb Arcozon Trivita Fortify
An all round blend of nutritional herbs to revitalize your entire body.Amazon Herb Illumination Trivita Illumination
Recovazon now Recovery*
Promotes recovery from physical exertion and muscle soreness. Amazon Herb Recovazon Trivita Recovery
Calmazon now Serenity*
Induces relaxation, helps manage stess and supports sound sleep.Amazon Herb Calmazon Trivita Serenity
Increases stamina, performance and offers added adrenal support. Amazon Herb Warrior Trivita Warrior
Camu Gold*
Source of natural vitamin C promotes immune support and a positive mood.Amazon Herb Camu Gold Trivita Camu Gold
Metabazon now Glucose Health*
Supports metabolism and helps control blood glucose.Amazon Herb Metabazon Trivita Glucose Health
Digestazon Plus now ProDigest*
Use before or after meals. Enhanced with enzymes for added digestive support.Amazon Herb Digestazon Plus Trivita ProDigest
Sumacazon now Rejuvenate*
Helps slow down the aging process, enhances vitalitity.Amazon Herb Sumacazon Trivita Rejuvenate
Environzon now Shield*
Helps the body cleanse environmental impurites and restore its natural balance.Amazon Herb Environzon Trivita Shield
Zamu Gold*
Blend of juices with Camu. Clear your mind, brighten your day. Purchase supports ACEER.Amazon Herb Zamu Trivita Zamu Gold
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Fiberzon & Fiberzon Plus*
Works like an intestinal broom to gently cleanse and eliminate unwanted toxins.Amazon Herb Fiberzon Trivita Fiberzon
Gravizon now Graviola Plus*
A blend to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and protect against free radicals.Amazon Herb Gravizon Trivita Graviola Plus
Rainforest Treasure Tea*
This delicious and nourishing tea rejuvenates the mind, promoting clarity and focus.Amazon Herb Rainforest Treasure Tea Trivita Rainforest Treasure Tea
Sangre de Drago*
Helps maintain the structural integrity of the intestinal tract and supports circulation.Amazon Herb Sangre de Drago Trivita Sangre de Drago
Una de Gato*
Helps promote a healthy inflammatory response and cardiovascular health. Amazon Herb Una de Gato Trivita Una de Gato

Now Amazon Herb products adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This assures the highest quality.

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